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Regenerative Beef: Partnering for Sustainable Farming and Cattle Ranching

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Regenerative Beef Summary We are thrilled to offer regenerative beef, which is produced using eco-friendly farming practices that prioritize the restoration and maintenance of healthy soil, plant and wildlife populations, and nutrient cycling. These practices include rotational grazing, diversified crops, cover cropping, and reduced use… Read More »Regenerative Beef: Partnering for Sustainable Farming and Cattle Ranching

Implications Of AI In The Cattle Industry – Three Ideas

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Like the clones in ‘Multiplicity,’ AI assists us in various ways. It’s a cost-effective tool that’s enhanced our website, generated creative content, and improved decision-making. Yet, it’s a tool, not a replacement for our own expertise. As we move forward, we’re excited to further harness AI to streamline our operations and ensure a sustainable future for our ranch.

The Great Basin Bull Sale was a hit!

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The Great Basin Bull Sale held at the Rafter 3 C Arena over the President’s Day weekend was a success. The event lasted for three days and featured 92 registered Angus bulls, which grossed over $470K and averaged $5.1K per bull.

Why Regenerative Beef is the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

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Regenerative beef farming is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to raising cows that focuses on nurturing the land, animals, and environment. By using practices like rotational grazing, cover cropping, and regenerative soil management, regenerative beef farmers create a system that is good for the animals, the environment, and the people who enjoy eating the meat.