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Choosing A Better Way to Eat Beef

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Americans’ Love Affair with Beef Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

When it comes to beef consumption, the U.S. is in a league of its own. Americans devour a staggering 59.6 lbs of beef per person annually, ranking #2 globally. This voracious appetite shows no signs of letting up, with 2022 marking record highs in beef production and consumption levels. The industrialization of agriculture deserves much of the credit, making beef more accessible and affordable than ever before. However, such convenience comes at a steep cost to health, quality, and transparency.

The Industrialized Beef Supply Chain – Efficient but Opaque

A shocking 97% of the beef Americans consume is sourced from industrialized feedlot operations. This statistic, while economically rational for scaling production, raises concerns about traceability and ethical treatment of livestock. Unless you purchase beef directly from a ranch or farm, it’s virtually impossible to know the origins of that steak, roast or burger on your plate. The typical beef supply chain, depicted below, illustrates the convoluted journey most beef takes from ranch to plate.

Feeding Demand at What Cost?

Let’s be clear – the current system, however flawed, manages to satiate America’s immense demand for beef. But this comes at a price, jeopardizing animal welfare, product quality and environmental sustainability. For those seeking an ethical, sustainable and transparently-sourced alternative, options like Rafter 9 Ranch provide a welcome solution.

Rafter 9 Ranch – A Better Way to Beef

At Rafter 9 Ranch, we buck industrial norms by finishing our cattle locally and selling directly to consumers. Our cattle are raised on lush, multi-grass pastures using regenerative agricultural practices. We allow our herds to mature naturally, free from growth-promoting hormones and the confinement of overcrowded pens that proliferate disease. By working in harmony with nature’s rhythms, we produce beef that is nutritionally superior and ethically uncompromised.

So for those yearning for flavorful, healthy beef raised with integrity, look no further than the pastoral pastures of Rafter 9 Ranch. Because when it comes to what’s on your plate, you should never settle for anything less than an honest-to-goodness product you can feel good about.

Choose a better way to eat beef today! Reserve your Rafter 9 Ranch beef here.