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Pasture to Plate: A Guide to Beef Shares

Understanding the Process

We patiently raise our cattle for 18-24 months, ensuring perfect harvest weight and exceptional flavor. Secure your share (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 beef, or more!) with a deposit. Reserve your portion (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 beef, or more!) with a deposit. This secures your share for processing and guarantees the best price on fresh, high-quality beef. Want even more? Order multiple options or increase your quantity! Once your beef is perfectly aged, we’ll send a final invoice and shipping details.

Ready to choose a better way to eat beef? Reserve your share today (limited quantities available) with a deposit.

Benefits of the Beef Share:

Lock in low prices before harvest (learn more here on packaged vs hanging weight)

Enjoy the ultimate in freshness – no sitting in freezers!

Directly support regenerative agriculture

Choose from a variety of share sizes to fit your needs

Age dried for tenderness

What comes in the box:

    The Sampler and Fractional shares will be comprised of various cuts, with approximate percentages below:

    • 38% Hamburger
    • 36% Roasts & Steaks
    • 16% High Value Steaks
    • 10% Other Cuts (Brisket, Flank Steak, Short Ribs, Skirt Steak)

    Limited inventory available late July 2024 for shipment

    Getting Started:

    20 lb. Shares

    Ground Beef Only
    ~20 lbs.
    • Fire up the grill and enjoy some hearty burgers
    • Total Cost ~$140
    ~20 lbs.
    • Perfect for trying our robust, nutrient-dense beef
    • Total Cost ~$280

    Fractional Shares

    1/8 Share
    ~75 lbs.
    • A hearty supply for 2-3 people
    • Total Cost ~$975
    1/4 Share
    ~150 lbs.
    • Feeds 4-5 for months
    • Total Cost ~$1,800
    1/2 Share
    ~300 lbs.
    • Full assortment for the ultimate value
    • Total Cost ~$3,000

    With our simple process, just reserve your desired share and we’ll do the hard work. Your vacuum-sealed beef will then be delivered at peak freshness. Experience the rich, unbeatable flavor that regenerative ranching cultivates. Reserve your share now.

    Sustainably Raised Beef

    How much space do i need?

    A general rule of thumb is that for every 35 lbs. of beef you need one cubic feet of space (imagine a cube that is 12″ in length, height, and depth). We see deep freezers starting at 10-12 cubic ft. Allocate around 0.3 cubic feet of freezer space per 10 pounds for longer-term storage. These estimates assume efficient organization and use an approximate density of 35 pounds per cubic foot. Leave some extra room for air circulation. Adjust space requirements based on your household’s beef consumption and storage needs.

    Why a deposit?

    The deposit reserves your spot to receive a portion of the limited beef shares available. We have a finite number of cattle that can be processed each year, so the deposit ensures you have a secured place in line to receive your share.

    The deposit amount goes towards the total cost of your beef share. However, the final price is determined after the cattle are processed and we receive the exact weight from the butcher. At that point, we calculate the per-pound cost based on the total weight and processing fees. Your deposit is then deducted from that final beef share cost.

    Requiring a deposit allows us to commit the appropriate number of cattle to meet the demand for shares. It also helps cover some of the upfront expenses for raising and processing the animals. The deposit essentially reserves your portion until we can finalize the total costs based on the actual beef yield after butchering.

    where do we ship?

    Currently we are only shipping to Nevada, California, Utah, and Idaho. If you are located outside of these states, please get in touch with us ([email protected]) and we can see if we can work something out.