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Angus Bulls &

Regenerative Beef

Honoring our storied cattlemen heritage by embracing modern methods and stewardship

Rooted in Western Heritage

We do things old school, spend time daily with our herd, but have kept up with the times

Herd Improvement through Genetics

We approach improving our herd by selecting from some of the best Sires in the Angus world

Sustainable Practices is a Win-Win

Finding better ways, while being a good steward isn’t fashionable, its practical for our legacy

Honoring Our Legacy, Building For Posterity

We are Fifth Generation Cattlemen

Our family operated operation continues a rich cattlemen tradition and want to share our passion with others

Our Values

Honesty, family, and hard work are hallmarks of Rafter 9 Ranch. We strive transparent and honest in providing the very best in quality of Angus. We work as a family operation and use the different talent around us to make Rafter 9 better. And every day we put in the work.

Our Brand

Rafter 9 Ranch’s brand represents the family approach that guides our decision making day in and day out. The chevron on top of the nine represents our home and the number nine represents our immediate family. This brand while newer is an continuation of five generations of cattlemen.

Our Approach

We aren’t afraid to ask questions and network with those on the cutting edge of Angus development and regenerative farming. We seek the counsel and advice of others in preserving this wonderful legacy of ranching through ethical and sustainable practices. We know our cattle because we are with them every day.

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