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Discover the Rafter 9 Ranch

Our Heritage and Mission

Rafter 9 Ranch, a family-owned purebred Angus cattle ranch, is a proud continuation of our five-generation cattle business legacy. Located along the banks of the Carson River in Fallon Nevada, we value hard work, integrity, and quality while staying current with advancements in the cattle industry. Our mission is to provide premium Angus bulls with top-tier genetics for our clients’ herds and sustainable regenerative beef for families.

Experience and Adaptability

Over the years, Rafter 9 Ranch has evolved through partnerships and involvement in commercial operations spanning millions of acres. With a wealth of experience managing hundreds of purebred Angus cattle, we’ve adapted our methods and emerged smarter, better equipped to serve our customers.

Raising Quality Angus Bulls

At Rafter 9, our primary goal is to produce exceptional Angus bulls capable of improving herd genetics. We invest in the continuous improvement of our cows, focusing on temperament, beef production, structural soundness, and overall health. Our meticulous herd sire selection process involves studying their Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) and lineage from the top breeders in the nation. We’re committed to investing in quality, utilizing artificial insemination and embryo transfer techniques to enhance our herd further.

Sustainable, Regenerative Beef Production

In addition to breeding top-quality Angus bulls, we’re dedicated to sustainability and quality in our regenerative beef production. Our cattle are raised on open pastures and fed a diet of high-quality natural feed, resulting in flavorful, nutrient-dense beef with a robust taste profile that delights the taste buds.

Pictured above is Mark Hyde, the heart and soul behind Rafter 9, sharing his passion for top-notch cattle with the next generation.
Fallon Nevada – Great Basin Bull Sale, 2023