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Implications Of AI In The Cattle Industry – Three Ideas

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In the 1996 comedic film, Multiplicity, Michael Keaton’s character, Doug, is a family man who works in construction. Doug finds a way to clone himself and ends up with three clones. Each of these clones embody a distinct characteristic and unique personality. This allows for Keaton’s character to spend time at home or doing things he wants to do. I’ve often heard people juggling multiple tasks say, “I wish I could clone myself.” Similarly, as cattle ranchers, we are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve the quality of our work. Consider for a moment how AI could assist.

In essence, AI, like Doug’s clones, can take on various personas and expertise for users. It can be a tool to educate on an technical subject or act as a brainstorming partner. Moreover, there are countless ways to use AI, with new applications being discovered daily. Hence, we’re excited to share three ways we’ve embraced the power of AI in our operations.

Website Improvement

Keeping in mind our financial constraints, we turned to AI as a cost-effective solution for enhancing our website. By leveraging AI-powered tools we have optimized our online presence and increased our visibility without breaking the bank. Consequently, we have been able to make significant strides in digital marketing and brand recognition on a tight budget. We are not experts in many fields, but using AI has been a cheat code to gain the technical expertise and advice needed. Consequently, we find further opportunities to improve.

Content Creation

Next, we’ve explored the creative potential of AI by utilizing it to generate content, from images to words. By simply providing a prompt, we’ve seen AI generate unique and innovative ideas, thereby offering us fresh perspectives and inspiring our own creativity. This blog post and others we have been collaborated with AI. We’ve used AI to get insightful feedback on how to improve the writing and search engine optimization (SEO). The lazy approach and ultimate danger in relying solely on AI, is that an authentic voice is lost. Therefore, using AI as a tool to improve work and as a collaborator is the best practice.

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Acting as an Iterator

Finally, AI has become an invaluable tool in our brainstorming and planning processes. Whether using AI-generated concepts as a starting point or seeking AI’s input on refining existing plans, we’ve found it to be a valuable collaborator, thereby expanding our possibilities and facilitating smarter decision-making. For instance, we have used AI in our regenerative beef business for marketing and go to market strategies. Again, we iterate with AI and put our finishing touches on the plan. AI is a wonder iterator tool; it is not god.

Looking Forward

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to finding ways to leverage AI’s capabilities to enhance our ranching practices, streamline our operations, and ensure a sustainable future. It is an exciting time and we will continue to educate ourselves. Through embracing the power of AI, we’re charting a course towards more efficient and effective ranching while maintaining our commitment to quality and integrity.

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