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Our Top 3 ET Bulls for Sale at the Great Basin Bull Sale

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This year’s Great Basin Bull Sale presents a unique opportunity to explore diverse genetics and exceptional animals. We’re excited to showcase our herd, including three remarkable ET bulls renowned for their efficiency and excellence.

Remember us from last year? We’re back with even more impressive offerings, driven by a commitment to breeding strong. Each bull boasts a powerful, well-balanced build, stout foundation, and desirable phenotype, ensuring both functionality and pleasing on the eye. Their diverse EPD profiles offer exciting possibilities for passing on desirable traits to future generations.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of our herd: the remarkable ET bulls:

  • Lot 87 | R9R Ridl Striker 305: A true leader, this bull shines in feed efficiency, ranking #1 in the feed test for Residual Feed Intake (RFI). Lower RFI translates to reduced feed costs, a crucial factor in today’s climate. He also possesses a commanding presence, making him a potential cornerstone of your herd.
  • Lots 84 & 85 | R9R Baldridge 38 Special 301 & 303: These brothers stand out for their outstanding calving ease EPDs, promising smoother calving seasons for your peace of mind. Their impressive physiques further complement their genetic potential, adding both practicality and visual appeal to your herd.

Intrigued by their potential? Dive deeper into their individual stats and EPDs by downloading the catalogue pages below. And to truly witness their power and phenotype, check out our video:

Come join us President’s Day weekend

President’s Day weekend is your chance to meet these extraordinary animals firsthand. We believe they embody the potential to contribute to a thriving, resilient herd, and we invite you to explore how they might align with your breeding goals. See you at the Great Basin Bull Sale!