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Regenerative Beef: Partnering for Sustainable Farming and Cattle Ranching

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Regenerative Beef Summary

We are thrilled to offer regenerative beef, which is produced using eco-friendly farming practices that prioritize the restoration and maintenance of healthy soil, plant and wildlife populations, and nutrient cycling. These practices include rotational grazing, diversified crops, cover cropping, and reduced use of synthetic inputs. Regenerative beef is renowned for its rich flavor and higher nutritional value, as well as its ethical treatment of animals. By prioritizing the regeneration of natural resources, regenerative beef farming plays a critical role in mitigating climate change and promoting biodiversity conservation.

True Partnership

To ensure that we provide the best regenerative beef possible, we have partnered with Joe Frey and his family at Rambling River Ranches. The Frey family has been farming in Nevada for over 165 years and Joe is an expert in regenerative farming. With over five years of experience and participation in various educational workshops and tours, he is well-versed in these eco-friendly farming techniques.

At Rafter 9 Ranch, we take our commitment to regenerative beef seriously. We work closely with Joe and his family to promote sustainable farming practices that benefit both the environment and our business. Through techniques like rotational grazing and cover cropping, we ensure that our cattle and land are in harmony. Our effective land management allows us to produce high-quality, nutrient-rich beef that is as good for our customers as it is for the planet.

Joe and his family have been wonderful to work with

Rafter 9 Commitment

Our partnership with the Frey family with Rambling River Ranches has provided us with invaluable education and experience in implementing regenerative farming practices on our own land. We are thrilled to apply what we’ve learned and replicate their expertise. Offering regenerative beef to conscientious consumers is both exciting and rewarding, as we feel a new partnership is formed with each shipment in support of sustainable agriculture and cattle ranching.

Furthermore, as a family-owned and operated cattle ranch, we are proud to continue the legacy of sustainable cattle ranching.

Contact us to experience the exceptional taste and quality of our regenerative beef.

Our cows following as the Frey’s drill seed