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The Great Basin Bull Sale was a hit!

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Great Basin Bull Sale Elevated

The inaugural Great Basin Bull sale was a smash hit. The three day event hosted at the Rafter 3 C Arena provided a fun filled President’s Day weekend.

There were 92 registered Angus bulls sold, grossing over $470K with an average of $5.1K. Comparing this average of just below $4K against the previous long running sales it replaced, it was terrific to be apart of the sale.

Rafter 9 Results

All bulls were tested in in three divisions according to age and according to five categories: fertility, weaning performance, gain on test, feed efficiency, and ultrasound. We were pleased to see that one of our bulls was rated in the top five overall and two of our bulls were top of the class on feed efficiency, an important measure with the high feed cost and low amount of participation in the West.

While we were competitive in pricing, we did notice one lot that we felt was underbid on, despite the bull being graded as top five overall. However, we were overall satisfied with the results of our bulls as we sold them all. These results motivate us to adjust and plan for the future to better meet the needs of our local buyers.

Our top two bulls were Lot 57, a Test bull, and Lot 140, a Range Ready bull. Their EPDs are below, although we were not able to access them prior to the video. We look forward to participating in future Great Basin Bull Sales and providing high-quality Angus bulls to our customers.